Empowering You For Change.

The Diabetes & Health Clinic helps you to break down the myths and mental barriers holding you back from treating and reversing diabetes and other lifestyle-related conditions.

Follow a proven process for creating positive change and surround yourself in a community of like minded individuals, all striving to be better.


The story goes…

We all want the best for ourselves, even if it doesn’t always appear that way. Our modern world is constantly working against us, making it incredibly tough to make and sustain healthy behaviours. Healthcare systems are floundering in the abyss of chronic disease while Big Pharma, Big Food and the weight loss industry continue to grow more and more powerful. Our sick care system is failing us as it completely overlooks the underlying, root cause of lifestyle-related diseases, like type 2 diabetes. Doctors are not trained in wellness, they are trained to patch things up when they go wrong. Everything is ‘fine’ until it’s not fine which means these conditions will inevitably progress causing significant disability and death.

Eighty percent of, so called ‘chronic diseases’, can be prevented through lifestyle. People still believe that type 2 diabetes is genetic so millions of people around the world expect to go down the same path as their parents or grandparents, leaving them feeling powerless. Fascinating new research into epigenetics has taught us that we have control over how our genes are expressed. This is incredibly powerful and means we can write our own destiny. Understanding the significance of this gives people hope and motivation to turn their lives around.

Most of us know on a basic level what we should and shouldn’t be doing for our health but why is it so much harder to do in reality? People feel like they are being controlled by their insatiable desires for calorie rich foods and habits that don’t serve them which ultimately leads to feelings of guilt, remorse and depression. It’s not a matter of will-power, it’s a matter of insight. By understanding why this is occurring, you can intercept it and overcome it.

Bringing together evidence-based research, powerful behaviour change techniques and motivational strategies, I have crafted the ultimate program for people wanting to regain their health and transform their lives naturally.


Introducing Diabetes T2 Essentials

The Diabetes T2 Essentials program is a proven and tested 12-week online program that teaches you exactly what you need to do to beat diabetes for good and live your best life (you only get one!).

The webinar is available through our easy to use e-learning system. You can complete the training from any desktop or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what your current understanding is of type 2 diabetes is or if you don’t have any tech skills. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Battle tested and proven results

The strategies taught in the Diabetes T2 Essentials program are 100% evidence-based and have proven to be wildly effective.
The people who implement what they learn get phenomenal results like a reduction in blood sugars, weight loss, improved energy levels, normalisation of blood markers like cholesterol, boosted confidence and self-control, improved mood and memory and much more…

This Investment will change your LIFE!

Build your confidence and live a healthy, fulfilling and disease-free life.


• Access to online course 24/7

• Access to our thriving community going through the exact same struggles as you

• Weekly group Q&A’s


Don’t wait any longer

Say goodbye to diabetes and live the life that you desire.

The perfectly engineered change agent

To change your life, you need to be empowered with knowledge and surrounded by support.

Proven Method

The program addresses all the root causes of insulin dysfunction and type 2 diabetes so you can be sure you are covering all bases to give the best possible chance of beating type 2 diabetes. These are backed by rigorous studies and have proven to be effective.

Change Agent

It can be tough staying on top of diabetes over the long term because it’s largely a symptomless condition. It’s very easy to lose motivation and slip back into old ways. This program is designed to get you thinking and behaving like a different person so you feel totally in control and can confidently stay on top of things.

Supportive Community

It’s hard to find inspiration and to make changes stick when you don’t have the right support structure and that’s why it’s incredibly powerful being connected with a community of motivated individuals going through the same challenges as you. They are on the same page as you and want you to succeed. It’s also a great way to learn and share with others what’s working or not working.

Expert Coach

You will also have myself, as your expert coach to help guide you every step of the way. Someone with experience and knowledge who has worked with all sorts of people who can answer all your questions and give you personalised advice.


Join the Revolution

Join me and thousands of others just like you to regain your health and say goodbye to diabetes forever.


Your way out…

People with diabetes live in a constant state of fear with no way out, just waiting for the impending complications of diabetes to fall on them, leaving them sick and disabled, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

This program is your ticket to health and vitality. Lose weight, gain energy, come off your medications, boost your confidence and become resilient. Break free of self-sabotaging behaviours that don’t serve you and establish new healthy habits that become ingrained and effortless.

Join the program and have access to our vibrant community of motivated individuals to learn how they have turned their health around.